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Dusty; the cat who loves to burgle backyards

Recently a video has been circulating the web about a San Mateo neighborhood cat burglar. It turns out the burglar is a cat and loves to burgle things from surrounding back yards and gardens. Apparently the cat has been known to steal large and small towels, gloves, car wash sponges and loves it when he can find a swimsuit drying outside. The owners say the cat has accumulated so many things over 3 years it was too hard to keep up with whose stuff was whose; so they set out tables with the belongings on it for neighbors to re-collect. The cat has become quite the celebrity due to local news and to celebrate the community is going to make him Grand Marshall at a local pet parade. It will probably look something like this…

I for one have a problem with this. They are rewarding the cat for bad behavior. The community should enforce the fact that just because you’re cute and furry, doesn’t mean you get away with petty crime. However, they will learn reinforcements are in order when the cat starts stealing purses, wrist watches, and candy on the parade route. Unfortunately it will go down like this…

Here’s what I suggest; why not put Dusty the cat burglar to good use? The owners said he likes to collect things, so why not use him on the side of the road like most criminals?

These are just some things I felt the residents of San Mateo, California needed to think about.

What interesting things has your pet done? Have they stolen anything?


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