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The deal-breaker for THIS artist

          There has been some mystery over my resignation from being an in-store artist. Hopefully this will clear some things up for people. Those of you reading my blog already know that I live life as an artist, but some of you may not have known that I also did it for a living for 5 years, in and out of my day job.

     When I’m at work I tell people the reason I’m switching to work the floor instead of in-house art is, “I don’t want to get burned out.” This is true. I spent a lot of time and student loans getting an education for something most people don’t even use; a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in drawing. The last thing I want to do is to never use this degree for personal use, so inevitably for myself I had to make some life and career changes. However one of the many perks to being an in-house artist is when my former alumni calls once a year to collect money and data. They ask what I’m doing for a living and I would get to tell them, “I’m an artist.” Then they act surprised and say how rare it is for someone to actually use their degree in this field. Then they politely ask for money.

     Even though I’ve said I’m afraid I’ll get burnt out on the position, the real reason I’m switching from being an artist to crew member is this; Velcro. Yes, Velcro.

The bane of my existence

     You see my co-worker and I use it on an almost daily basis, thus resulting in wrappers and spare un-used halves of this sticky and fuzzy stuff being left over in our pockets. Often if I’m on the floor putting some artwork up, you can see me shoving these pieces into pockets, sticking it on fingers while waiting to position the first piece of Velcro on a sign holder, while balancing on a ladder holding some foam core artwork.  Since I’m too busy concentrating on performing a balancing act, I never realize quite how many wrappers or Velcro pieces are being shoved into my pockets.

     Recently the Velcro has been finding its way into other things, mainly my dryer and various places around the house.

     When I find it around the house, it’s because I’ve taken it out of my work jeans before I’ve washed them and placed them in other locations absent mindedly. Then on the days when I clean the house, I go around finding the pieces and putting them in whatever I have on that day; another pair of work jeans, or if I’ve just woken up and started the laundry; my bathrobe.

     When I find it in the dryer it’s an unfortunate experience. One time it was stuck on the walls of the dryer drum and I had to cut it off with an Exacto-knife. This has resulted in glue being left on the drum walls, however the glue has helped collect extra lint off the clothing. There is no removing the glue, it won’t budge. Then, there is the even more unfortunate experience when you find some of the sticky stuff left over, in or on, your clothing. Remember the bathrobe I mentioned that I sometimes clean the house in? I found some Velcro, washed, sticking to the inside of the pocket. I still have yet to see if it will come out once it dries. The other week I was mesmerized as I pulled out a pair of underwear from the dryer with both a sticky and a fuzzy side of Velcro (which is a rarity to find both sides) attached to the outside of the undies. Granted, this will help if I lose weight, all I have to do is attach the sides together and viola no more ill fitting underwear.

     This is why I had to quit being an in-house artist and have reached my breaking point. I don’t want to risk the chance of that painful Velcro ending up on the inside of my underwear.

Magnified Velcro for painful emphasis

     This is for my artist co-workers who have worked with me over the last five years in the tiny art rooms at two different locations. Thank you so much for laughing with me, putting up with mishaps, endless ramblings and for being there for me. You all are wonderful.

     What are some crazy things you find in your pockets when you do the laundry? When have you had to make a career change in your life? What were your reasons?


8 responses to “The deal-breaker for THIS artist

  1. Sarah Boo ⋅

    Now you’ll be easier to find when I come to the store! 🙂

  2. You forgot the time we went to Home Depot and you had, what appeared at the time, to be some kind of attack.
    You cried out in pain and grabbed the back of your leg.
    “What is it?” I asked, rushing to your aid.
    After a quick poke around back there, “velcro,” was your reply.

  3. Margie ⋅

    I find money…change…which is where the term “money laundering” came from:) We’re glad to have you on the floor, now could you just go make us a quick sign for this new product?

    • Margie you’re so funny! 😛 Wanna clean out my pockets? Maybe you could find some spare change in there? LOL! Thank you so much, thank you for making this an easier transition! You guys are the best! 🙂

      Yes, I will always make you a quick sign when you need it…just don’t tell the others we have an agreement! 😉

  4. Kelly Hay ⋅

    Well of course Velcro is a deal breaker! Who could possibly deal with such showing up everywhere? 🙂 Never really thought about it before but I guess Velcro could really be a big ouchie! Definitely wouldn’t want it showing up in my undies!!!

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