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What’s your scene?

Is this like the "Dogs Playing Poker" of Christmas time?

As a child, every year my parents would break out the Nativity set.  Some years it had its own spot in the house, other years it resided beneath the Christmas tree to be lit by pastel pinks, greens, blues and yellows.

As I got older I would start rearranging the porcelain characters.  I decided some of them weren’t mingling enough.  The Shepherd looked like he needed company.  In order to correct this, some nights he wound up fraternizing with the Wisemen.  Sometimes even Joseph would step away from baby duty to have some “Guy Time” with the “Wise Guys” himself.

Our Nativity also came equipped with one cow and one mule.  Apparently the stable the Holy family stayed in had a small upper level (according to who made the set.)  One night, I thought the cow and mule should take turns having a bird’s eye view of how baby Jesus was doing from that upper level. Every night I would go back to the Nativity to see if anything moved.  If they were in their original spot I would move them in different positions again, to make it more “real” or “true to life”.  It wasn’t until much later I realized how annoyed my mom was at this.  She had no idea how much it annoyed me to not have a mule on the roof of the manger.  This is a tradition that took place for many years.

Later, I moved on to move things around in a small lighted Christmas scene my Grandparents made out of porcelain.  Then it was on to the rather large Christmas village my parents received from my Grandparents.  The first year  I started college is when they set it up.  I found a figurine that had, at one time, also been my Grandma’s.  The figurine was of a smallish mouse peeling a banana.  When Mom wasn’t looking I placed the banana peeling mouse on one of the village sidewalks while my neighborhood best friend acted as an accomplice and a look out.  One time the mouse stayed the night in the village before I asked mom if she noticed anything suspicious about the village and in particular, its sidewalks.

To this day, I still don’t know what’s more fun, creating the scenes, or getting caught being mischievous with the characters!

Which would you prefer?  Have you or your kids done this to your Christmas scenes?


9 responses to “What’s your scene?

  1. 4myskin

    I would practically play with the Nativity Scene too! 🙂 Isn’t it great to have an imagination?

    • HA HA HA! It is great to have an imagination! If we did that now as adults, people might start to look at us funny?! Then again we could us an excuse like, “Oh I was arranging it for a still-life painting I was working on!” Hee hee hee 😀

  2. The Mom ⋅

    I couldn’t figure out how things were moving around! I loved the pranks you played on me in the village. Remember the curmudgeony old man you guys kept moving around? He looked like a shady character. OH, and remember the flowerpot that I had laying on it’s side under the china cabinet? It took me FOREVER to figure out it was you that kept uprighting it and fixing it! LOLOL!

    Who needs ghosts when you have imaginative little ones around? 😉

    • You didn’t know? HA HA HA!!! That makes this EVEN BETTER! I’m glad you enjoyed them, but seeing as you always found out they had been moved when I was at school I hardly ever saw your reaction!

      I don’t remember the scroogy-curmudgeouny old man, do you have a picture of him? It was probably funny to us to move him around since we knew in real life he probably would have moved really slow. (We probably thought it would be funny if every time you came back he was in a new spot, thus giving the illusion of a fast walker.)

      As far as the flower pot goes, I honestly thought it had been knocked over by the cat. (I think? If memory serves?) I didn’t realize it was intentionally on its side! HA HA HA!!!

      Darn tootin’, who needs ghosts when you have a young daughter and some of her friends to spook you? 😛

  3. The Mom ⋅

    P.S. I just remembered you also moved our Christmas stockings…;-)

  4. The Mom ⋅

    Why? You’re asking me WHY? LOL!

  5. Kelly Hay ⋅

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
    I never really messed around with the nativity that much … but your story has inspired me to perhaps do so next year? 🙂
    My daughter collects holiday snow globes (she has over a dozen) and she loves to move those around the house … typically because I try to “borrow” them from her for my own decorations and she “borrows” them back to put back into her own bedroom!

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!!! Its a highly enjoyable activity that many should partake in. 😀

      Its nice to know you can borrow your daughters things from time to time. Often times they wonder why you want their stuff! Hee hee hee. You should arrange them from time to time and spell out messages to her. If she asks if it was you just say, “What are you talking about?” If you have a family pet you can also blame the pet for moving her snowglobes.:D

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