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Tickled Pink:The Versatile Blogger Award

I’m pleased to announce that Kelly Hay has bestowed a great honor on the Creatively Put blog. She announced the other day Creatively Put is one of her picks for “The Versatile Blogger Award”!

A big thank you and shout out to Ms. Hay and her blog site! You really should check her blog out, and while you’re there check out her artwork as well, she has some really stunning pieces on her personal website!

There are conditions to winning this award, however:
1. thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. make a list of things about yourself that nobody else knows
3. pass the award on to other new bloggers whom you’ve recently discovered.
Here are some things about me a lot of people may not know:
1. I’ve been drawing cartoons since the age of 7. Even though in my first grade class I drew Snoopy on his doghouse, I still claim drawing Jughead was one of my first artistic achievements because it actually looked like him…with a really giant head.  In order to justify the largeness of his head it was easy to claim it was just filled with hamburgers.

2.  The Neil Sedaka song “Calendar Girl” has ticked me off since the age of 16.  One of the lines is, “You’re the Easter Bunny when you smile.”  What woman or girl wants to be told that?  He also sings a lot of songs about 16 year old girls…being 16 at the time and working in a restaurant where you hear these songs on constant play is a bit creepy. (Especially when its sung by a male who isn’t age appropriate for said 16 year old girl.)

3. At the age of 13 I won a contest for drawing a logo for the local Christian County Library. I’m actually listed on their website in their 100 years of history timeline! (Page 17, September 26th 1992)

4. My elbows are double jointed.  Its fun to freak people out when turning your arm a complete 360 degrees.

5.  I love working on student films and 48 hour film challenges. The most appealing part is the brainstorming and coming up with a funny concept or story line.

6.  Been fishin’ but never campin’.

7. Strangely as an artist you would think its easy to have a favorite color but its not.

8.  As a kid I always thought life would be easier as a blonde.

9. Raphael is my favorite Ninja Turtle, Mickey was my favorite Monkee yet I can’t pick a favorite Beatle.

10.  At the age of 14 Archie comics had a contest for readers to interview someone whose life had been influenced or changed by Archie.  I interviewed my Aunt (She goes by the name of  “The Auntie” on this blog) about Archie having an influence on her life and ‘Art Appreiciation’.  There were only 50 winners from across the United States…I was one of them!  Here is the cover of the comic the interview piece was featured in…

And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Creatively Put would like to honor the following bloggers with the “Versatile Blogger Award”:

For those who love life and the color green…

The problem with young people today is…

Danny  is “Less than credible”…

For the everyday things in life…

AND last but not least for when your GPS malfunctions and has a life of its own…

Hopefully you all will enjoy these new bloggers as much as I do!!!

6 responses to “Tickled Pink:The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. this4life

    hey my shoulders are double jointed!

    • So you’re able to make your arms look like they’re pulled out of socket?:)

      • this4life

        Yeah! I can pull a Houdini, once in high school my history teacher gave us all a self defense class and my class volunteered me to be the dummy he showed how to pin an arm behind there back on. It didn’t work, he kept pushing my arm back saying “Just tell me when it hurts,” I just kept going, until finally I just flipped my arm around and faced him. We all had a good laugh. Seems you and I have art AND double joints in common- lol

      • WOW! That is hilarious! Ha ha ha…so needing self defense doesn’t apply to you then huh? LOL! You can surprise the assailant!:) They won’t want to mess with you after that! Yes we definitely have these two things in common:)

  2. Kelly Hay ⋅

    Great list! Thanks for sharing! Now we all know a bit more about the creative mind behind “creatively put!”

    Now I’m off to check out some of the other blogs that you passed the award onto … woo-hoo!

  3. Thank you! Some of them are a little out there, but its true:)

    Hopefully you will have fun checking the fellow bloggers out, they all have quite a lot to say on how they view the world!

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